Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Pit Bull Mix- Blue and white.

Courtesy Posting Only.  Please contact caregiver below if you can help Bay. 

Bay is a sweet, loving female pit. My kids absolutely adore her. She gets along with my male lab. Also, my female hound up until a month ago when she hit her first period. She has never shown any true aggression towards any animal. The only thing she’s ever done with my female is bark and growl past your cage and again that just recently happened. Once she went into heat it has not happened since she came out of heat. We took her in from some friends who were planning to turn her loose because they couldn’t take care of her. I did not want to see that happen so we took her in to love on her and get her all her shots that she needed and hope to find her a decent home. We have an appointment for her to be spayed. I have all the information for anyone who’s willing to take her in and take her to the set appointment. The spaying will only cost $195. The deposit was already paid and it is on January 15th at 8:00 a.m. at 1:08 Branch Way, Richmond.  

Extra note: She’s absolutely the perfect pet. She was getting along absolutely wonderfully with my two dogs. I have a male and a female. She gets along with my 4 children (ages 1 through 13) and my husband and myself. I own two cats and two other dogs. She gets along just fine with my two cats. She got along fine with both my dogs up until last month when she went into heat and now she barks and growls at my female but not my male.  10 mos old and 50lbs; pit bull; blue and white. Posted Dec 29, 2023.

Contact info: Kaitlyn Balsley