Medium : 20 - 45 lbs.

Brittany Spaniel/Dachshund

HISTORY: This extraordinary litter of pups were found as strays at the Nelson County dump.


Available NOW! Groopert, Axl, Cindy Lou and Max (recently adopted) are an adorable mix of Dachshund/Brittany Spaniel. They even have little webbed feet! Brought in as strays, we suspect that they were abandoned in a busy place where someone would find them. No strangers to humans, they are extremely friendly and love to snuggle.

More about the pups:  If you need and or crave puppy breath,  this litter has plenty of it!  While they were found as “strays,” we think you’ll agree when you meet, that they have benefitted fully from human interaction and boy, do they love playing with the humans, nuzzling and getting all cozy with them almost as much as the pups do with each other.   Some might say Groopert is the ring leader in the litter and without doubt, at least during photo time,  he was the most mischievous.  If backs were turned for a second, this silly, sneaky guy had stolen a bandana off a sibling and he was flying through the grass with his siblings in hot pursuit.  Sit for a spell..even a micro second…and all of these pups will be clambering and looking for a coveted, comfy spot in YOUR lap.  As you approach their pens at the Sanctuary,  all 3 will be on their tippy toes dancing a wild dance hoping you’ll please stop by and give them a kiss, a hug, some LTC…just any slice of attention/affection will do.  We adore these pups and can’t wait to see the lucky families that get to bring them home.  Might it be you?