Large : Larger than 45 lbs.


Bully Mix; Sleek black coat with white chest blaze.  12lbs on 8/23 and growing!

HISTORY: Ava and her sister, Emma were found alongside the road in a ditch.

Emma stands out as the bold and outgoing sibling, ready to conquer the world one tail-wagging adventure at a time. Her curiosity knows no bounds, making her the perfect companion for anyone seeking a little extra excitement in their life. She’s not shy about showering you with kisses, reminding you that you’re her favorite person in the world. And when it comes to playtime, Emma’s playful nature shines through as she fearlessly tackles toys that are bigger than she is, turning every play session into a hilarious spectacle. One of Emma’s most charming traits is her goofy personality, which never fails to bring smiles to everyone around her. Her tail wags at an impressive speed whenever she catches sight of you, a heartwarming display of her love and excitement. If you’re ready to share your life with a pup who will keep you entertained, show you unwavering love, and stand by your side through thick and thin, Emma is the perfect match. Seize the opportunity to become Emma’s partner-in-crime and let the adventure begin! Open your heart and home to this spirited pup, and watch your days light up with laughter, joy, and countless tail wags.