Large : Larger than 45 lbs.

Border Collie Mix

Border Collie Mix; Sleek black coat with white feet, chest and muzzle area. 58lbs

HISTORY: Parker has lived most of her life with best friend Mia. Mia was adopted from us in 2011. We had featured Parker as a courtesy posting and Mia’s family responded to that post shortly after bringing home Mia. The family is no longer able to care for this senior couple so they are both now under our care.

MEDICAL NOTE: Parker has some arthritis in hind quarters; test positive for Lyme.

More about us:

If you find yourself without a dog companion and are open to providing a loving home for two senior dogs, we highly recommend you consider Mia and Parker. While folks may balk at adopting two dogs we can assure you these two girls may be the ones to change your mind! They are connected at the hip and are truly best of friends.

Mia and Parker have had their lives turned upside down after living in a home for over 10 years. When family dynamics changed, they needed to find another living option. Mia was adopted from the sanctuary as a puppy back in 2011. The same family adopted Parker through one of our courtesy listings when Parker needed new living arrangements. When Mia was being returned there was no way we were going to separate these two besties!

The girls are pros at going with the flow and have seamlessly transitioned into being at the sanctuary. Both are residing in Mary’s office with access to a small outside patio.

  • Very housetrained – no accidents from either of them inside.
  • Not destructive – though if enticed by an easy-to-snag food source, they may take advantage of the situation!
  • Mia loves stuffed toys and often will greet visitors to the office with one in her mouth hoping she can convince the visitor to join her in a brief tug-of-war game. Parker enjoys tennis balls.
  • Other than they need a teeth cleaning, we have not seen any major health concerns.
  • Both Mia and Parker are affectionate with humans and each other. They love their soft beds as well as the Kuranda beds on their outside porch.
  • Both dogs have some pep to their steps and would be wonderful walking partners.
  • Both dogs are fine around cats – and probably other dogs as well though we have not formally introduced them to other dogs yet.

Volunteer Thought:

Better Together!  You will only need to spend a few minutes with our senior delights MIA and PARKER  to quickly see that they totally adore each other, act like each other’s shadow and are honestly, better together.   Having spent almost their entire 10 yrs of life together, this senior couple has not missed a beat in transitioning from their prior home to “working” in our main office area.

Not all doggies can pull off and master this position as it requires immediate tail wags and smiles to all who come in. You are on your feet a lot during the day as you will have many folks to greet and each person is equally as deserving of a hearty but always polite, “Welcome. Please come in.” When not working in our office area, both ladies are always up for a good walk. They are very skilled in this area and really enjoy getting some fresh air, checking out new sights and of course, sniffing new smells. Although they are seniors on paper, don’t be totally fooled by their ages as they still have a bit of silly, goofy, playfulness in them! Off leash in one of our play yards, Mia was busy trying to drag a large heavier ball around with an attached rope. You go girl! Meanwhile, Parker was busy wiggling her legs in the air, sliding around on her back and then slowly mozeying around. Both girls are very tuned into their humans and are always good for some hugs and kisses and just overall general soft, snuggly loving sessions. These girls have never met a stranger and are so much fun to have by your side. Super friendly and loaded with happy, feel good vibes, they were a hit as soon as they arrived at our Sanctuary.

It’s hard to not be smitten with this incredible pair of senior sweethearts. More than one volunteer had commented that if they did not already have a full pet inventory, this pair would already be in their home. If you are looking for move-in ready, super skilled pets who know how to get the pet job done, at the top of your candidate list should be the names of Mia and Parker! Please ask for this loving pair today!

Extra detail from their home:

Parker has been an amazing dog for our family and sister companion for our first dog Mia for 11 years. She could not be more opposite than her sister in her likes. She enjoys playing fetch, over and over, until she literally collapses. She then loves to find a quiet space in the shade and relax. She particularly loves to play fetch in water. She has grown up living with young children and other dogs. She is spayed and in good health. She has had a few seizures over the years but not frequent and never been started on any medications. Has not had a seizure in over 4 years. She has had ACL repair of her back left leg and will occasionally still limp if she runs too much. She is house and leashed train, although she prefers to run around in a fenced yard.