• LAB- Sleek black coat with some white around the muzzle area. About 60lbs.
  • SENIOR LAB- Est DOB: 2012
  • ARRIVAL:  July 11, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Eli had been languishing for months in a NC shelter and when the shelter closed due to Covid-19, Eli was quickly running out of options.  We spoke up for him before it was too late.

These days Eli can’t seem to stop smiling, and here’s why: To say that 2020 has been a tough year for many of us would be an understatement, and Eli is no exception. Eli came to us from a shelter in North Carolina. Due to COVID-19, that shelter closed, and Eli, stressed from shelter life, needed to get out. To make matters worse, Eli was sick with tick-related illnesses and heartworms. Things were looking bleak, and the shelter put out a call for help on his behalf. Eli’s luck changed dramatically when CFC spoke up for him and welcomed him to the sanctuary. When word spread of this new development, donations poured in from all over the East Coast to cover his medical treatment. After his mandatory rest and recuperation, Eli recently received a clean bill of health, and he is more than ready to embark on the next leg of his journey!  We’re hoping 2021 will continue on this positive trend and wind up much better than it started. He has one more obstacle to overcome: finding a home of his own! With his sweet temperament and playful demeanor, we think Eli would fit in well with just about any family situation–you name it, Eli’s your guy.

A Word from Eli

“Don’t let my handsome graying brows and beard fool you– I have plenty of energy and desire to go and do and play and go and do some more. People tell me I am a good-natured, gentle, friendly, and playful yet easy-going guy who loves people (and the treats they dole out!), going for walks, playing with toys of all kinds, and fetching tennis balls. When people approach my pen, I lean my whole body against the fencing to create maximum exposure for receiving pets. I love to collect toys in the exercise arena and will gently hand them to you if you want to join in on the fun.  I am also a quick learner when it comes to training and cues.

I had a great time at my extreme sleepover this winter !  My gracious hosts were able to learn a great deal about my likes, dislikes and general quirks. Overall they found me to be a wonderful houseguest! I really seemed to enjoy the cold weather, and really loved that stuff called snow, both rolling in it and eating it. I was so patient with coat and harness, even though I really wanted to go outside!  My hosts said I did great on the leash in the yard and I love sniffing around all the plants and bushes.  I am not really interested in walking in the neighborhood because those things they call cars really scare me. I want to stay far away from them!  The sidewalks were not a fave. 

Scratch me on my rear end, and I will love you forever! Stop too soon and I will move my rear end towards you to tell you when I am not finished receiving them yet! I am very respectful and do not jump on his hosts, or bark in the house (Well, maybe once when they were mixing my dinner and I got excited!) They did have these things called stairs…they confuse me!  I could do three into the house, but more than that? That’ll take practice!

Honestly, even though my hosts were super-nice, I found being in the house most of the time kind of boring. I need a yard at my forever home.  I am used to using the great outdoors to do my business, but I did make one mistake on a big hibiscus plant. It was so big that I thought it was a tree! I did check out what they were having for dinner, but I know better than to beg, so I went and lay down. I even left a potato chip somebody dropped! They told me “no, sir” a couple of times, and I understood them.”

What I Need in My New Home 

Eli will definitely be slightly nervous when he is adopted, and will need time by himself and with you at first. He would be happy to be an only dog. If you have another dog, CFC would be happy to set up a meet-and-greet to make sure everyone agrees it’s a good fit. He can handle the other cats and dog-friendly dogs, but should be introduced slowly over time, maybe as much as two weeks, with lots of love. He needs a fence around the yard, preferably at least 5 feet tall, and he need long walks each day. He will be okay with children, but please be sure to tell them he needs his space and not to jump all over him. Really, Eli will be a model dog once he has had a chance to settle into his new home!

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