• RETRIEVER MIX; Long, wavy golden coat; Very “foxy” look. About 40lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: March 2021
  • ARRIVAL: March 12, 2022
  • HISTORY: Ginger arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter January 7, 2022. She birthed a litter of 7 pups on January 31. When we became aware of her plight, we spoke up for her and arranged for transport on March 12. Ginger was very, very shy but an excellent mom to her pups. Her pups were all well socialized and friendly and have all been rehomed. Now it’s time for Mom Ginger to head on home.
  • NOTE: Ginger is excellent with other dogs and also cats. No kids for her please.

Ginger is one of the bravest girls we know and slowly she is now seeing that for herself. Knowing how terrified she was at the county shelter and now witnessing how much she has progressed under our care is really amazing. Ginger was a fantastic, doting mom to her puppies. In addition to raising the most stunning and biggest fluff balls around, Ginger somehow knew it was important and also safe for our staff to handle and work with her pups to ensure they were well balanced, happy, playful beings. All of them are now doing amazing jobs fulfilling pet duties in 7 different homes.

More recently,  Ginger was selected to head into foster care where she has really thrived.   We are truly starting to see the pet potential that lies below her lustrous, shiny, blond coat of fur.   Ginger is still by nature timid, cautious and shy around humans.  She does not fully trust us humans but we are getting there.   She is wonderful around other dogs and is great around cats.  In her new foster home,  she is 100% housetrained and quickly got into a routine of going out for regular walks, is fine when left alone in the home and sleeps beautifully through the night.    She has just started to show a mild interest in plush toys so it will be fun to see how far she might progress down this path.  Ginger is not comfortable/nervous in being touched but does opt to follow family members around the home.  She will quietly select a spot on the sidelines to observe the action in the home.  We use the term “action” lightly as a quiet, routine oriented home best suits her style.  She easily startles and loud noises and general commotion are not her cup of tea!

So what works for Ginger? Lots of things work for our pretty lady!! Although Ginger is reserved/timid, she is very open to leash walking and will walk right beside you. She is terrific! Long, moderately paced walks are right up her sleeve! She is more bold/adventuresome than one would expect as she has explored jittery piers, walked on a boat and even beautifully made the long multi hour transport to her current foster home. Ginger will seek out dogs while out walking and finds strength and reassurance in running into them. Ginger is also food motivated so it’s an opportunity to build trust with her humans and push her to opt to get closer to humans and feel safe in their presence. A home pre-stocked with well balanced dogs would be really fantastic for her and adults who are patient and will allow her to settle in at her own pace will result in her being her best self!

We will be closely tracking Ginger’s progress in her foster home and encourage you to please check back in for updates. If you already think she might be just the right girl for you to guide to pet perfection, please let us know. Posted Sept 29, 2022.