• MASTIFF MIX; golden with white markings
  • ARRIVAL: March 27, 2021
  • WEIGHT: 78 pounds
  • HISTORY: Dusty was transferred from a high kill shelter in South Carolina when space became an issue.  He was an owner surrender along with a sibling who went to a rescue in New England.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Currently undergoing treatment for heartworms; looking for a foster to adopt person. Grover needs to be kept quiet until the end of July…not an easy thing for a large dog!

One look from Grover’s big golden eyes, and you will be in love!  He is a big dog with a loving heart, and is eager to catch all the love he can!  Because of this, he might jump on you or try to crawl in your lap (seriously!), but he is quick to learn and eager to please. Grover already knows the ‘sit’ command, and when you walk him, is very polite and doesn’t pull. When you see him run, he has such a long stride and an easy pace, and he loves to retrieve rope toys! 

A Word from Grover

“Oh, another person to love on me! What, you have treats too? You are amazing!  And, yes, I would just love to go for a walk with you!  I am happy to chat with you and sit for you!  You know, I was in a home for two months…but I didn’t get enough exercise or interaction, so I got a bit antsy, and the house was the worse for wear.  If I had a playmate though, that wouldn’t be a problem. I hope you have a big sofa, so I can sit next to you and snuggle! If possible, I would love a big fenced yard too, so I could run around in the space.”

What Grover Needs in His Home

From South Carolina, the comments were:

When it came time to meet other dogs, Grover was really, really good.  Again not one to throw around his weight,  he patiently waited for the dogs to be walked over to him and then off, he would walk, very politely with that other dog. We let him loose to run and wrestle and play with a female lab, and oh boy, did they have one grand time!  If given his druthers, we feel Grover would really enjoy having a doggy companion in his new home. He showed great interest in meeting other dogs (in a nice, calm manner) and he almost seemed disappointed that we did not have him meet every single dog. He did not seem to notice/care about the loose cats near our office, and gave minimal attention to the cats at Caring For Creatures, so we would suggest a slow introduction to any kitties at home. Grover is conveniently microchipped, and will be somebody’s most excellent pet before we know it!