• LAB MIX; Sleek, black coat.
  • YOUNG FEMALE; Est DOB: January 2022
  • ARRIVAL: September 24, 2022
  • HISTORY: Gwen arrived as a stray at a high kill shelter. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.
  • EXTRA NOTE: We believe Gwen is housebroken. For her overnights in our kennel area, she consistently maintains a very clean space! She has also tested really well with other dogs.

“Fun is my middle name,” explains our super cuddly, outgoing labby mix GWEN!  We had THE best time today with our silly, goofy girl who is loaded with just the right amount of fun and games.  Gwen has never met a stranger and was front and center in her kennel eager to walk out to our front fields for photo time.  Her day continued to improve when she was quickly released and granted off leash privileges with a pack of dogs we had waiting for her.  Gwen is wonderful at introducing herself to humans…not too pushy and not jumpy…and likewise, pretty even keel and polite in saying “hi” to new dogs.  Gwen is a delightful size girl with perhaps a little more growing to do but at best will remain a mid-size maybe 45 lbs girl (My guess!).  Gwen enjoyed meeting new dogs during her photo time just about as much as she did her new human friends. She would romp and roam around with the other 4 leggeds then come back to the humans collecting under a shady tree to rest and regroup.   Gwen has the perfect personality to charm folks at events and her sweet, more calm, loving nature is a great match for kids of most ages.   A little bird told Gwen today that she has impeccable pet qualities and we could not agree more!  Please do yourself a favor ask for her!