• HOUND MIX; white and tan; 54lbs
  • ARRIVAL: November 14, 2020
  • HISTORY: Hank was a transfer from Galax Carroll Grayson Shelter in Galax, VA.

When Hank and his brother Cash first arrived at CFC, they were in pretty rough shape. Both were very skinny and Hank was nearly blind, which we later learned was caused by cataracts in both eyes.  We have successfully addressed his cataracts! After some time, attention, and lots and lots of food, both boys are looking and feeling a whole lot better. Hank is an energetic dog who loves to roam and explore. When he’s in a new area he enjoys scouting out every nook and cranny. Hank doesn’t have much interest in toys, and would rather be petted or walk around. He is also quite expressive with his paws and often waves them around. Hank is a package deal with his brother Cash. They are a bonded pair and should be adopted together! Hank is incredibly friendly and will lick your face if you let him! If you want extra points, bring some snacks.

A Word from Hank

“Howdy! I’m glad to meet ya! Lemme look at you…I just recently got my sight back, when they did something amazing to my eyes! I still wag my head back and forth, and I am a little rough and ready when you give me treats, but I am ready to be one of two awesome pets! I wouldn’t mind polishing up my act with a little training! My buddy Cash just had a surgery of his own, and now we are ready to go! I am a long legged fella, and am raring to go, but I walk with Cash, who’s just a bit slower, ya know. Have you got a fenced in yard? Then we are the ones for you!”

What Hank Needs in His Home

Will you be the one? Hank and Cash are ready for a new adventure in a home that will treat them right! Someone who would love them and pet them, and let them play in their back yard, provided it is fenced, would be awesome. While they were recuperating after their respective surgeries, neither was destructive and both seemed to be house-trained. If you have another dog, no problem! They have not yet been cat tested, and we are not sure about children; perhaps a teenager or two would be fine. So, get two for the price of one, and enjoy double the love!