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  • DSH, Brown Tabby
  • ADULT MALE; EST DOB: May 2009
  • ARRIVAL: October 31, 2015
  • HISTORY: Harvey was an owner surrender.

For the longest time here I was lodged most of the time in a condo due to my dietary issues. Even when I had the opportunity to come out and play I became totally discombobulated once out in the room. True confession: I was a grump. In spite of my gargantuan size I was at heart a big sissy boy and the presence of so many other cats intimidated me and just ruined my day. So I remained largely a shut-in. When my present room was converted to a room for cats with dietary issues like mine I got the chance to be out and about 24/7. Boy, did I change! To put it mildly those who know me say that I’m a new cat, and a much improved version. I now get along well with my roomies and while I’m not a cuddly one yet I do enjoy being talked to and having caressing hands run down my back. The grumpy boy is gone and the new gentle model is enjoyed by all I’m told. As you can likely see from my stature and the photo of me encouraging Kristin to hurry up with breakfast I do like my present diet just fine. Treats are always welcome though, as are visitors. So, come on by and meet one of the biggest (not fat!) brown tabbies ever to pass through CFC.

Fall 2022 Update: Harvey is one of the most chill, relaxed cats in the county. This handsome, handsome fellow is never in any rush and will patiently wait for you to come on over and give him some love! As a hint, Harvey is typically outside on the catio napping in one of our cat trees. He’s mellowed quite a bit since he first arrived and continues a battle in maintaining his weight. As such, we have him in a condo at night to better monitor his intake. Harvey is a sweet, dear guy who has a strong fan base. We know from his outside perch, he will have one of the best views of the fall color show and soft, cooler winds to compliment his catio time. He holds a soft spot in many of our hearts.