HOUND; Tri-Colored; 44lbs
ADULT FEMALE; Estimated DOB: 2016
ARRIVED: October 19, 2022
HISTORY: Heidi was rescued by a staff member after they had seen her wandering the side of the road not far from the sanctuary.

Are you searching for a new companion to explore new adventures or take random trips in the car? What about a friend to take to public events such as a football game or a winery?

If one or both of these options has captured you attention, let me introduce you to Heidi! This sweet girl sure knows how to pull at all the heart strings with her sweet, brown eyes. Heidi had gotten the chance to participate at the Hardware Hills Winery 5k December 2022. Amongst 2 other dogs at the event, Heidi was politely introducing herself to everyone she could meet, even going as far as asking for belly rubs.

Heidi enjoys slow paced walks to investigate all the smells around her or even a slow-paced jog. However, a chance to run and play in a large fenced area will definitely make this sweet girl’s day. This little lady loves playing with toys and can seem quite silly scooting them across the floor or shoving her whole head into the toy basket to pick out her favorite for the day.

Heidi is very inquisitive and can even be compared as the k-9 version of Nancy Drew. If she is curious about something you can sure bet that this quirky hound will get to the bottom of figuring it out, sometimes even getting creative and using her paws to pull items towards her. Heidi enjoys company of other dogs as well as humans and when it is time to relax and kick back for some cuddle time and Netflix, this girl couldn’t ask for more. The only question that remains is, are you Heidi’s ticket into a furever home filled with love and new adventures?

Volunteer Thought: Sensationally sweet, silly, goofy and totally huggable and loveable!!  When you come to meet this spectacular, welcoming lady, don’t be surprised if she’s out for a stroll along one of our wooded paths as the volunteers and staff reach for her often to take her out for some exercise and pleasant bonding time.    Heidi is everyone’s new and immediate best friend.   While we don’t know what her background is as she was found as a stray,  certainly in her former life her family instilled in her some really terrific pet qualities.   You can count on Heidi for steady tail wags, genuine smiles and if given a chance, some deep sinking down into YOUR lap.  Heidi was a great canine representative at a more recent off site event and beautifully meets and interacts with other dogs.  Have kids?  Slightly older kids would be right up her alley and she’d be honored to care for them.  Heidi is a doll of a doggy and should be on your list of doggies to add to your home.

January 2023 Update: Heidi lucked out in spending time with a local family and we learned so much from her thanks their assist. Heidi is a love bug, sweet and social and a friend to all. She did well under the care of this family and was quickly housebroken. While she enjoys her inside time, the family feels she would be at her best with a family that has a fenced in yard so she can have even more outside run and play time. Chilling and being with her family at day’s end would beautifully round out her day. We know Heidi is great with other dogs, so if your dog is looking for a friendly, playful companion to run in YOUR yard, Heidi might be the girl for you!