I was the snuggle bug of my litter!

Dawn 800x600

It’s Dawn! Time to wake and meet this dainty, petite brown tabby girl and start a beautiful and rewarding partnership. You provide the love and adoration and she will contribute loyalty, kindness, and everlasting devotion to the union. While she’s always among the first to greet visitors to her room and she welcomes petting and attention, she can’t sit still for too long before she’s off of your lap and on to other adventures. Capturing fuzzy mice and knocking balls around can be awfully time consuming you know. Don’t let her diminutive size mislead you, for she has a big purrsonality full of light and life. She adores people and she delights in being brushed even if her short fur doesn’t demand such grooming. She gets along very well with her roomies and would flourish with another cat, or cats. One of her volunteer admirers says that there is something ethereal about her, tiny and fragile looking but yet quick and energetic. Her name befits her; what day could welcome a fresh beginning without a Dawn? She’s a funny and joyful little one who deserves a loving home of her very own. Could it be yours? Come visit and it’s just possible that it will dawn on you that you just can’t live without Dawn.

Dawn will be a year old in June.  Click here to read more about this precious girl.