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  • LAB MIX – Reddish brown coat with dignified greying muzzle.  About 56lbs.
  • ADULT FEMALE;  Est DOB – 2012
  • ARRIVED – 1/30/2021
  • HISTORY – Jinx was rescued from a high kill shelter when space became at issue.

“Energetic.” “Cute.” “Loves people.” “Full of personality.” Those are just some of the words used to describe Jinx.  Jinx is an ultra-friendly dog that will return all affection multiplied by 1000! With one ear up and one down, Jinx has her trademark look!  Sporting a well earned white muzzle and signs of many, many litters, she’s an appealing lady who deserves one more chance to prove how terrific a companion pet she can be!  A smaller framed dog, Jinx is very friendly and excited to meet anyone who comes her way.   Since her arrival,  she’s added on a few pounds here at the Sanctuary as she has undergone heartworm treatment (and hence a very limited exercise protocol).   She’s still a girl with some get up and go and spunk, so we anticipate some trimming down once she is able to move forward with extended walks which will enable her to search out and enjoy the plethora of sights and smells all of great interest to her.   Jinx does have some residual problems due to heartworm treatment that manifest in a cough, possibly because of the heartworm infestation.  Even still, Jinx is a girl loaded with a “can do” attitude and we look forward to her living her new, best life.  Won’t you be a part of this rescue success story by considering her for your next best friend?

A Word from Jinx
“Howdy! Please come in to see me! Aw, now we can properly meet! Ooohhh, scratch right there…that’s it! Anywhere will do! Can I crawl in your lap? Can we go for a walk? I love to check out what is happening in the neighborhood. Just so you know, I am a solo kind of dog, so it’s best if you don’t have any other pets. When I was adopted once before, my elderly adopters said I was too energetic for them. They said I was just perfect inside, though! I am house-trained and a real cuddle buddy! I would love to try out your house! I love car rides, too! I enjoy toys, but don’t give me the fluffy kind unless you like that sort of snowy white décor!

What Jinx Needs in Her Home – Jinx is very friendly and loving, but she will do best in a home without cats and other dogs. Jinx understands the dynamics of living indoors, including housetraining. A cool environment indoors would be the best place for Jinx during the hot summer months. She will be happy to snuggle on the couch with you, but she still has plenty of energy for fun outside!