Join Our Team of Day Trippers!

Don't worry, Winston, you'll be back soon!

Don’t worry, Winston, you’ll be back soon!

Our new Day  Tripper program has gotten off to a great start!

Pleasant Grove Park has been really hopping lately with CFC canines thanks to our new Day Tripper Program.  Volunteers have been grabbing our dogs left and right and heading over to the park for a fun-filled day of swimming and hiking.

Every time one of our dogs goes on a day trip, they are one step closer to adoption. It may be their first time riding in a car, or putting their toes in the water. They get to meet new people and make new friends, and we get to learn a lot about them and how we can help them find their forever homes.

Don’t miss out on all the action – become a Day Tripper today!

What exactly is a Day Tripper?  

Day Tripper refers to volunteers who commit to taking one or more of the sanctuary dogs out for daytime explorations and they return to the sanctuary that same day!  This may include a car ride to a park or similar area for a long walk that provides lots of new smells.  It could mean a trip into Palmyra or Charlottesville to an animal-friendly store to buy a special treat and then head home again.  It could mean a visit to the volunteer’s home for a couple of hours to learn about being inside a house and hearing house sounds (TV, phones, etc.).  It could be a walk on the downtown mall just for the fun of it.   The dogs love doing fun and different things and the activities always help round out their personalities and adoption resumes!  Individuals interested in becoming a Day Tripper are required to attend our dog volunteer orientation and work with CFC to select compatible dogs for their off-site explorations!

To become a Day Tripper, please call our office at 434-842-2404 or email us at