• DOMESTIC SHORT HAIR, Black and White Tuxedo, Female
  • Est DOB: 2013
  • ARRIVED:  9/12/2014
  • HISTORY: July is a driveway kitty from Sanctuary Lane.

I’m told that I am just about the best mom ever. I not only raised 4 dazzling and healthy babies, but I also took on orphaned foundling Tiny Tim. He was much younger and tinier than my crew and I nurtured him like he was my own. Such is my nature I’m told, one that is giving, kind, and gentle. I have a laid back and relaxed approach to life and get along well with one and all, both human and feline. I’m told time and again how amazing it is that I am so mellow and sociable after my humble origins as a “driveway kitty.” I’m sleek and an absolute joy to caress and stroke. I respond to such affection with a very soft purr and a joyful arched back. I’m big on eye contact and my foster mom and dad said it was as if I was gluing myself to their hearts. They wanted to keep me with them but already have a very full house of fur babies. So I’m unattached and available, willing and able to be the best friend and companion you could ever want.

October 2019 Update:  My foster mom from several years ago stopped by for a surprise visit.  While she was fast to recognize me,  I was a little leery of her,  honestly not really knowing who she was.  She was calm and steady in her approach to me and then I realized she just wanted to say “hi” and check in on me so I happily agreed to her gentle body pets and scratches.  She made me smile.   More recently,  I went home on a trial adoption.  I was very overwhelmed and did a lot of hiding and as a result I was brought back.  My foster mom assured me that a new home was still possible for me and that hopefully next time around,   I have more time to adjust so I can really shine like the star I am.  A more quiet home where I can settle in and slowly unpack my bags at at a snail’s pace will best suit my style.   Perhaps you can provide that home for me?

January 2021 Update: July has blossomed into one of R2’s biggest lovebugs! Like the majority of cats in her room, she prefers to hang out on top of the cat condos. If you take the time to grab a stepladder and go visit her, however, she melts into your hand for pets. She loves back scratches but is happy to receive pets of any kind. She coexists peacefully with the other cats in her room although can get a little pushy when competing for human attention! Despite spending most of her time up high, July is getting more comfortable hanging out lower to the ground. We still think a gradual adjustment into a home will suit her best, but are confident that, once given the necessary time and patience, July will grow into a confident, affectionate young lady.