• HOUND; 38lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE- DOB:  August 2014
  • ARRIVAL:  February 2015
  • HISTORY: Juno and Janie showed up at a local home and were brought to us when their owners could not be found.
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  Red and white, sleek jacketed; wide red saddle over her back and a very wrinkly/expressive forehead.
  • NOTE: Juno is on the left, Janie is on the right in the main front photo.

Two fun peas in a pod, meet siblings, Juno and Janie who are in the hunt to make YOUR day! This bubbly, friendly pair have such a great time together that it’s almost criminal. Both skilled leash walkers and givers of darting kisses, Juno and Janie are playful, affectionate, wiggly ladies looking for their first full time pet jobs. Lovely and eager to interact with other dogs, these ladies would love to go home together. They are both a little shy, especially around strangers, and Juno takes a little more time to warm up to strangers, but once he does, he is a love bug.  These two are calm, respectful walkers who rarely pull. They also love to run around and play together in our arenas. Juno tends to be a bit more affectionate while Janie wants to go check out her surroundings, but in the right environment both of them love attention and will be happy to lay on you and receive pets. They also get along well with most other dogs. Give Janie and Juno some time to get situated and you’ll be shocked with how bubbly and sweet these two are!

A Word from Juno

Just so you know, I am a nervous sort of guy, but I love to snuggle, so if you show me you want to be friends, eventually I will be up close and personal! My sister Janie is more of the bold of the two of us, but once I am comfortable, I loosen right up! I trust her to let me know when things are okay, and even then I take my time getting to know you.  We love to walk with other dogs, and playing in the arena is always fun!  Just know, if you want my sister, you had better take me too!

What Juno Needs in His Home

Juno and Janie go as a pair! They have been together so long they just can’t live without each other! Plus, they need time to get to know you, so plan on multiple visits to come out and get to know them. Janie will warm up to you first, then Juno gets the picture and begins to trust you. Once that happens, Juno will come and sit on your lap, while Janie navigates the surroundings.  A quiet household would be the best, with children who are over 12. Cats are okay. Juno and Janie may remain skittish about some things, but not you!  Having lived in our outside pen for many years, they would need some practice at being inside, but our short stays inside here at the sanctuary suggest that is not a big issue. They might need some help at housetraining, too. You will have a bundle of love when you adopt these two!

More about us Spring 2022: We are the Dynamic Duo and where one goes, the other follows! It’s a great feeling to know that when volunteer walkers come out to walk dogs, they ALWAYS reach for us first as we are so easy to manage! More recently, we have been walking using one leash that has a double hook attachment so the two of us are nearly shoulder to shoulder as we amble along and explore the trails. Teenagers can easily walk us and we also have 70+ yr old folks who walk us. Now, that’s easy peezy walking folks! As an extra perk, we smile and wiggle a lot and offer up the perfect amount of kisses and nuzzling. We’ve been waiting a while for our Happily Ever After and would surely love to meet you. ‘Til then, look for the double leash attachment and you’ll find two fine looking, happy ladies slowly ambling down the main CFC driveway. Hope to see you soon.

Fall 2022 Update: “Life goes on and with my bestie, Janie by my side, well I could not ask for much more,” explains our tri-color beauty Juno. Juno is such a sweet, delightful lady and you can’t help but smile when you see a volunteer heading into one of our wooded trails with the two of them on one leash with a “Y” extension which allows them to literally walk shoulder to shoulder. This team of hound/beagle awesomeness have 2 Kuranda beds in their outside area but because of their bond, no chance you will see them on separate beds as they will spoon and snuggle up on one together.  Juno is a happy lady so long as her twin is with her!