• DSH, black w/ yellow eyes
• ADULT MALE, EST DOB: ~3/2022
• ARRIVAL: 10/24/2022
• HISTORY: Kenji was brought in as a stray by volunteers along with Pickles.

Kenji was a stray cat living in the same apartment complex as another CFC rescue named Pickles. He was hanging out with her a lot since he didn’t have anywhere to go and didn’t know what to do. It was scary with so many people he didn’t know coming & going, cars everywhere he went & we won’t even mention the coyotes that were seen on the grounds of the apartment complex. Pickles was older than him, so he looked to her for guidance & safety. When the apartment complex came under new management & his caretaker was told she could no longer feed on the premises he needed a miracle. CFC to the rescue! After an initial adjustment period Kenji has grown in confidence. He now loves engaging with people, being petted & held and laying in laps. He is learning more and more every day that humans are safe & to be trusted. Being less than a year old he still has a lot of kitten energy & loves to play with toys & explore. His silky, plush black coat & sweet demeanor make him irresistible. He will softly touch your hand with his paw to say, “please keep petting me, won’t you?”. We think you’ll find Kenji’s sweetness and soft touches just as irresistible as we do.