• BLACK LAB; Sleek coat with undertones of chocolate brown. About 50lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE: Est DOB: November 2021
  • ARRIVAL: February 11, 2023
  • HISTORY: Lilith was found as a stray and brought to a county kill shelter. When space became an issue, we spoke up for her.

More about me September 2023: Meet Lilith, your new adventure buddy!
Lilith’s boundless energy and love for running make her a fantastic partner for an active lifestyle. With her sleek and stunning appearance, she’s a true head-turner. This pup has a soft spot for Milk-Bone treats and is always ready to learn new tricks. Found as a stray, Lilith is now seeking a forever home where she can enjoy squeaky toys, plenty of pets, and all the attention she deserves. This girl is a people-lover through and through, and would thrive once given the chance to have a family of her own.
Lilith’s social nature extends to her love for other dogs and playtime, although she tends to get a little over-excited when playing with a new canine friend. While she can get a bit exuberant in her play style, she would thrive in a household with older kids or anyone who can match her enthusiasm for play! Having a backyard to run like the wind would be heaven on earth for this girl. Whoever gets to call this sweet girl their own will be a lucky one indeed!

A bit about me February 2023: What a head turning sweetheart!  Oh boy folks, you are in for a treat with LILITH by your side.  This girl sports the most amazing, shiny black coat with undertones of dark brown and did you see that smile? Well, it’s kind of hard to miss!   Lilith found herself in need when she was picked up as a stray and brought to a county kill shelter.   A key angel interceded for her to find her way to our Sanctuary.

Her angel took the form of a foster home near the shelter. The family adored her, swooned and doted over her! The family reported that she was terrific in their home. Sleeping through the night and using a pee pad when appropriate and if needed, she clearly added so much to this home but they were not in a position to keep her full time. In her foster home, she had doggy playmates that she adored and a fenced in yard that was a favorite site for her to run and play and interact with her 4 legged friends. There was a neighboring kitty that she didn’t seem to mind having in her area either. Her family reports that she loves Vienna sausages and Ritz crackers for a treat. She also loves Milk-Bones. She enjoys her squeaky toys but mostly just lays on the floor inside and wants to be shown some love. A very calm and sweet girl, talk about a phenomenal companion pet!! Lilith listens well to her human and does well on a leash. Belly rubs and cuddling sessions are always welcome. Very much a family dog, Lilith would be proud to have kids under her care and if you wish to have a sidekick in your car as you go and do, Lilith would be ideal in that role as well. While her foster mom commented that she may not need “a lot of love,” we feel when you meet her, you will WANT to give her an abundance of love. We can’t wait to see who will snatch up this incredible girl. Perhaps it might be you??