Looking for a lounging partner?

Quiet and unassuming, Tammie is more than happy to be petted while she’s hanging out with her friends on top of the condos but more recently has been getting more and more comfortable hanging out at ground level and can often be found lounging in one of the cat trees. Due to her plump physique and black spot on her chin which resembles a soul patch, some of us think she looks like a female Guy Fieri. Tammie makes adorable little squeaks and gets along swimmingly with other cats. The way her brow is set makes her look constantly exasperated, but we assure you that she’s calm and happy. Additionally, we think that her unique look gives her a whole lot of charm! An easy-going girl, Tammie isn’t the most active cat but would make an excellent companion to lay around and watch movies with.


  • DSH; black and white
  • ARRIVAL: May 26, 2019
  • HISTORY: Tammie was rescued as a stray.