Meet Aspen, August, Dahlia & Dawn!

Aspen and August Web 5This litter of 4, born 6/19/19, was brought to CFC when their former owner’s cat had unexpectedly had kittens and the owner was unable to care for them.  After a few weeks at CFC, they all started to come out of their shells and their personalities began to shine.  They are well-socialized and even have some exposure to dogs, thanks to being able to observe the various dogs coming in and out of the office.

Aspen (Male) is very attentive and loves to observe all of the happenings in the office.  While he is quite playful with his littermates, he does enjoy taking some time to himself and sitting on the top condo shelf while he looks out at the office and keeps watch on the goings on.

If you walk past their condo and you hear some purrs rumblings, it’s most definitely August (Male) – he gets so excited at just the idea that someone is going to come over and give him some love that the purrs just roll out of him upon sight!

Beautiful Dahlia (Female) may just be your girl if you’re looking for a conversationalist.  She is the chattiest of the bunch and is always looking to tell you about her day.

Dawn (Female) is the snuggle-bug of the crew and the instant their condo is opened by a nice and friendly face, she tries her best to jump into their arms and be awarded with some cuddles.