• Cattle Dog/Hound Mix; About 43lbs
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2020
  • ARRIVAL: 12/20/2023
  • HISTORY: Miley and her relative Cass were part of the HOWS (Houses of Wood and Straw) Project, however, HOWS had learned that Miley and Cass’s family were no longer able to care for them and contacted CFC. Upon listening to their situation, we knew that they needed a helping hand and made them a part of the CFC family. Note: Cass was adopted in February.

Are you searching for a companion to join you on random trips? Maybe someone that will give you their all and only want your love in return? Search no farther, Meet Miley! Miley may enjoy long walks and the out- doors but her heart truly lies when she is right by your side. It doesn’t matter what you find yourself doing, as long as this sweet girl is a part of it she could not be happier.

Miley is an astoundingly smart and sweet girl with a love of snuggles above all else. Unknowing of her entire background, it is safe to say that Miley didn’t have much training, however this pup is a 5 star leash walk. Calmly strutting by your side, Miley would be the perfect companion to enjoy outdoor adventures. Miley is a Cattle dog (aka Blue Heelers) mix and therefore would excel in training, picking up new commands swiftly such as “Off” or even correctional sounds to let her know when a behavior is inappropriate.

Miley has spent some time in the office with the adoption coordinators and they will tell you that they would welcome Miley back into the office at anytime. Her and her relative were a little curious at first but settled down and decided that the office was perfect for a relaxing break. Miley frequently approached staff and beautifully sat, patiently waiting for them to give her some snuggles and love.

This sweet little snuggle bug adores her relative Cass, therefore would do great with another dog. Miley was also tested around cats and passed with flying colors. Although, we do believe a cat who stands his/her ground would be best suited for a playful pup like Miley.

Admin statement of Mileys cat test:

“When we were testing how Miley does with cats, we were pleasantly surprised at how well she did. Walking around the cat building and allowing her to sniff the cats on the enclosed porches, she was much more interested checking in with me rather than the fluffy things next to her. When we ap- proached one of the cats that couldn’t be bothered enough to budge from her short cat tree, Miley turned around and gently stretched her front paws on my stomach as if to say “Give me the attention”. I fully believe that Miley could do well in a home with a cat if properly introduced.

Volunteer Thought Feb 2023: Check out this doll baby!!  If you think she looks awesome on line,  just wait til you meet this pretty mid-sized lady in person.  Miley loves, loves her people and loves attention.  She is one of the quickest doggies to come right up to lean into you and love on you!   A cattle dog mix of sorts (I also see/feel some spaniel in her),   she has a bouncy, happy, very welcoming aura about her.   A true friend to all, her tail is in constant wag wag mode and that smile just never leaves her face. Very doting and affectionate,  Miley is a very loving being.  Arriving with her good friend who was quickly adopted, we feel Miley will be at her best in a home with other dogs so she can have an even more constant companion.    She would LOVE to also care over kids in her new home and cats, so she’s open to a myriad of home environments.  A great leash walker, folks of most ages will find her easy enough to manage but when out walking her in YOUR neighborhood,  be prepared to be stopped by folks wishing to meet your new best friend!  You will have fun with Miley by your side and we can’t wait to see who will be the lucky one to bring her on home.  Perhaps it’s you?