• SENIOR MALE – Est. DOB 2005
  • ARRIVED:  6/25/13
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH Reddish Brown and White.  Color goes up his nose
  • HISTORY:  Milo was a surrender from Charlottesville, VA.  He has had P.U. surgery due to multiple urinary blockages.

I’ve struggled as to what to say in my narrative.  I’m not really shy but I do tend to keep to myself, especially when it comes to other felines.  I do very well with human kind, but my very handsome and patrician nose is easily put out of joint by the presence of my own species.  If I can get me some one on one time with my person I’m happy but bring other cats around and I tend to withdraw and go into my own little world.  I have been described as one handsome dude, with markings more red than orange, clear yellow eyes, and an athletic body.  As you can imagine it’s not easy finding seclusion from all my roommates, so it’s difficult for visitors to see the Milo that they could have in a single cat (ME!) home.  I’d sure love if you’d be willing to give me an audition and I pledge with a little time and patience on both our parts the result will be well worth the effort.

February 2021 Update: Milo’s opinion on other cats has shifted in recent years. As a firmly established senior, Milo’s main concern is finding the perfect place to nap. If other cats are nearby, so be it! Milo’s quest for cozy nooks takes him all across the senior room and enclosed patio. It’s a bit of a shame that Milo’s eyes are closed so often, because when they’re open, they’re a stunning, fiery orange. If you pet him he’ll probably wake up for a bit but then close his eyes again, content. Milo is a simple man. All he really wants is a quiet home where he can sleep the day away and a gentle human who can make his sweet dreams even sweeter.