• TABBY- Brown/black tabby coat,  white chest, legs and belly area, beautiful dark orange accent around her face; little golden “owl” eyes.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB; January 2018
  • ARRIVAL: September 28, 2019
  • HISTORY:  When Molly tested positive for feline leukemia at the Darlington County Humane Society,  we spoke up for her as she had no options.
  • MEDICAL NOTE:  Molly tested positive for feline leukemia.

Good golly it’s our sweetheart Miss Molly and we think she’s the best.   This stunning tri-colored lovebug has a loaded pet resume.  I mean loaded!   Miss Molly is fast to trot on over when folks stop on by her room and in no time,  she will make herself all snuggly and comfy in your lap as she encourages head, back and belly rubs!  As the 6 kitty condos are cleaned and freshened up in her room,  Miss Molly keeps a close eye on the cleaner from the top of the condo to make sure all the soft fleece is rearranged just so, all the while rewarding her human helper with head butts.  The routine nicely repeats itself from condo to condo til all are reset and cleaned up with her guidance!  Molly is a sweet, playful gal who is equally content in spending time with other kitties as she is with other cats.  In tribute to her easy going, calming personality, one of the cats in her room who has a bit of a reputation of being a bully, actually accepts Molly and respects the fine work she does in being a friend to all in her room.  So friendly and loving, Molly is grateful, gracious and one classy kitty act.  Good golly, won’t you ask for Molly today?