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Dear Friends & Supporters,  It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I present to you our Moving Forward! $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge!  Beginning now through September 15, 2021, our matching gift donor will match your donation in any amount, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000!   Caring For Creatures is blessed to have an awesome circle of supporters that ranges far and wide. Our Matching Gift Challenge donor, Donna Horan, is one of those awesome, long-time supporters and volunteers. Donna is out at the sanctuary twice a week and also contributes her time and energy to fundraising projects like baking and our bandana sales – both of which suffered as a result of Covid but are making a comeback.   Thank you, Donna, for providing this much-needed opportunity for the CFC animals.Amidst all the craziness, fear and unimaginable loss of the past 15 months, those of us in animal rescue relied on our daily routines to help keep us going and remain somewhat sane. Pandemic or not, the animals still needed to be fed and their areas cleaned. There were still at-risk animals seeking help. And, like always, the animals provided the love and the feeling that all is well that we desperately needed. As we cared and provided for them, they returned the favor. The phrase – we’re all in this together –   became more than mere words. It became a way of living that, hopefully, becomes a part of our new normal. As we cautiously begin the recovery process and expand our footsteps beyond our personal safe zones, we look forward to getting out and about into the community and sharing smiles and laughter once again.

How will this $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge help us Let me share just a few of the ways your gift to this campaign will help the sanctuary. A portion of the dollars will go to fund our From Nose To Tail Medical Fund (see Page 3 for more details). Another percentage of the dollars raised will go to support the cost of our amazing staff who faithfully provide high-quality care every day to around 200 animals. Thankfully, during the year of Covid, CFC qualified for and received two PPP forgivable loans. This made it possible for us to keep our entire staff working! Otherwise, we would have been forced to cut hours and/or lay off critically   needed personnel. A true blessing. Lastly, a portion of your gifts will help us buy dog and cat food and cat litter.  Food and litter alone will run at least $2,500 every month. As you can see, your gift – in any amount – will directly support the health and wellbeing of the animals under our care.    We invite you to help us Move Forward by sending a gift to help CFC meet Donna’s $10,000 Matching Gift Challenge. 

All at CFC – the animals, staff and devoted volunteers – are grateful for your support of our work through the good times as well as the challenging ones. Through it all, the animals directly benefit from your generosity. Lives are saved and enhanced because of you. We also thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts – they are received in the hearts of all at Caring For Creatures.Please keep reading! We’ve crammed in as many updates as we could! (Read the entire newsletter by clicking on the following link: MOVING FORWARD MG newsletter.)

  • Sincerely,
  • Mary K. Birkholz
  • President & Founder


If you wish to donate now via our secure website, click HERE and select “Moving Forward Matching Gift Campaign” on the Donation Designation              drop-down menu. Your donation in any amount will be matched dollar for dollar up to $10,000!