MR. BEAN- Lifetime Resident

Mr. Bean 19 cover



  • SENIOR MALE – EST. DOB 9/15/02
  • ARRIVED:  2/22/10
  • PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  DSH White Male. Left eye is blue. Right eye is yellow.


Who would ever guess a “bean” could be soft, plush and even sweet?? Right here in Palymra, meet our Mr Bean who is all of the above. This extremely handsome and friendly fellow gets along with other cats but especially enjoys the company of people. A content and relaxed gentleman, stop by today and let Mr Bean guide you around with his one yellow eye and one blue eye.


More about Me from Sept 2013 Facebook Posting: Doing his best to eke out the final days of summer in exquisite style sporting his pure white jacket, Mr Bean is elegant and classic and perfect for our Friday Formal selection!

As we walk down the fashion runway with Mr Bean, try not to stare at his eyes but rather be mesmerized by them. The left eye is blue and the right is yellow creating a VERY distinguished look for this very, very low key love bug! When it was time for the cameras to go “Click and Flash” for his photo shoot, Mr Bean simply could not be bothered by all paparazzi. In fact, he simply sunk deeper down into his half orb shaped poofy bed and got cozy with a pink plush pig toy! (Now, say that 5x in a row!) What he was really trying to do was to elicit body rubs and scratches. And I must admit, he was VERY successful and in no time we were all petting him and giving him some marvelous attention.

And this is really the core strength for this chilling cat…. Friendly and so easy going, Mr Bean causes you to take life at a slightly slower pace and stop and smell the roses. Now a senior at 11 yrs of age, he’s an oldie but goody and ready to bring fur fashion into his new home.