• Tri-Color hound mix
  • ADULT MALE; EST DOB: July 2012
  • ARRIVAL: October 20, 2018
  • HISTORY: Mr. T was transferred from Dogs Deserve Better.

One of our volunteers noted, “I have been spending a lot of time with Mr. T and found out that he is much more than just a super shy/fearful dog. After he builds a relationship with you, he is truly a joy. He is my favorite dog at Caring for Creatures…shhhh don’t tell my other 4 legged friends. He loves his walk, arena time, being pet, hugged and even getting and giving kisses. He loves and is great with other dogs.”

Mr. T is very shy. He is happiest outside, though he misses his roommate. He has learned to go for walks with a couple of doggy friends.  He loves his crate as a safe place where he can go when he is nervous as long as he can come and go at will. Chewing toys and bones are good for him as it help him calm his nerves. He hates thundershirts, because the Velcro makes him crazy! 

While it will take some work to get him to let you in, we guarantee you that the time and effort is well worth it. Multiple visits will most likely be necessary for him to see that you are safe. Come give him a visit today!

A Word from Mr. T

“Some people say I am shy…well, I don’t want to dwell on the past but I am a survivor, and this is just how I am! I really love treats, and I will try to get close to you, but always back away if you get too close!  I have gotten used to the volunteers and staff at the sanctuary though,  so don’t give up on me! I love my walks with my buddies, especially Leah, and we understand each other. I would love a good home, but please be patient with me…I will take some time getting used to it!”

What Mr. T Needs in His Home

First off, Mr. T will need a super patient, loving person, hopefully one that lives alone or with a partner. He would likely appreciate another low key dog in the home. Cats are okay too. He has issues with Thundershirts and doggie doors, and would need a fenced in yard so he could be outside much of the day.  He is a bit nervous in the car.  Mr. T would appreciate a quiet bedroom that can be his alone at first. Once he gets used to his new surroundings, he will be a loving and fun companion!