Please contact caregiver below if you can help Nessie.  Posted April 29, 2023

Meet Nessie, a very sweet girl ready for a single-pet home environment! She is a very loving, tricolor 6yo shepherd/cattle dog mix (50 lbs), and she has been with her same family since adopting her as a puppy in 2017 (born November 2016). Nessie has lived with another dog before, but after some big life changes has become very reactive to and fearful of other dogs. She has been a perfect dog and best friend in all ways other than not getting along with other dogs/cats, and very sadly it is time for her to be with a family that has no other pets. She doesn’t have experience with children other than getting pets during neighborhood walks, so a home with only older kids or no kids would be ideal. (If there is a home with younger kids where the family is strongly interested, we could try out a visit to explore that possibility.)

Nessie loves all humans and seems like she especially gets excited to play with men. When a family member was in hospice in 2022, Nessie even acted like a therapy dog for him and provided a great deal of comfort by being gentle and loving, seeming to understand that’s what he needed. Her family did an extensive training program with her as a puppy to help her walk without leash-pulling, and ever since, she regularly gets compliments on her demeanor and behavior, as long as other dogs/cats are not around. Nessie loves to learn and receive praise/treats, and she would probably love to do more training if a new family wanted to do that. She is very loyal and eager to stay with her family – on hikes, even if other dogs run off, Nessie regularly checks back to see where her family is and comes when called.

Nessie enjoys being active (medium energy level) but is also happy to lay around on a bed or in a yard. The ideal environment for her would be with someone who is not a first-time dog owner. She loves being with you and is also used to being home alone for 8+ hours during the workday (no separation anxiety) – but she will be so happy when you get home! In the 6 years with her family, she has never had an accident in the house (house-broken before she came to us). She’d love a fenced yard where she can run around, but she has happily lived in apartments when she can be walked without lots of other dogs around. Nessie is very smart, and for treats she is happy to sit, lie down, “hug,” go to her crate, go to any clear “place” you point to and stay there until you tell her to “break,” and we’ve been working on “wait” for treats (you can hold a treat in front of her and she’ll wait until hearing “okay” to take it). She is very gentle with treats – you practically have to pop a treat into her mouth sometimes to get her to take it!

Nessie will be the perfect dog for a home with only humans in it. She is so ready to have your love and attention, and wag non-stop when you come home. One of her family’s favorite things about her is her “singing.” Sometimes when very happy, she will make a great “AWOOO,” and she loves to join in with her singing voice if you howl yourself! (Nessie will alert you with a bark if she sees a visitor approaching your door, but otherwise she has not had an issue with barking more than desired.)

Nessie had her most recent vet check-up on 4/18/23 and is fully up-to-date on all vaccinations. She had a negative heartworm test, and her family can provide several months of preventive heartworm and preventive tick/flea meds. She is spayed and microchipped. Nessie has been trying out a daily anti-anxiety treat; in a situation with no other pets in the house, she probably would not need to continue this, but her family can provide several months of this med. Nessie can bring with her 2 crates (she is crate-trained and sees her crate as a safe space to relax) and many toys if desired.

We want to do everything possible to help her find a new, loving family where she can be happy as the only pet of the home. She is a loyal, extremely sweet, and joyful dog, and we believe she will adjust well to a family that is affectionate with her. Please reach out to Liz to meet Nessie any time via phone (757-754-8819, call or text) or email (