Nona is a sweet, special soul

Nona good13-800x533A single mom of four kittens born the week before Christmas, Nona and her kittens were surrendered to CFC when her guardian moved.

Nona is a gorgeous calico kitty with such thick velvet fur that it’s impossible to resist running your hand down her back.  She’s a bit of a paradox and one volunteer admirer refers to her as a bit of a wounded soul due to her rough early life of abandonment.  While not a lap cat, she’s quite sweet and seeks out attention from those who have gained her trust.  For those lucky souls she’s a loving and unique friend.  She has overcome trials and tribulations and has grown and thrived at CFC.  She would be a wonderful addition to a quiet home with a knowledgeable cat person where ideally there are no other animals or young family members; in short where she could be the queen bee.  There she would be a comforting companion to the connoisseur who appreciates her fussy, yet lovable and quirky personality.  Once she feels comfortable with you, she will rub her soft self across your ankles until you pet her and speak soft and kind words to her.  She relishes being with her trusted friends but can be independent too, entertaining herself as she sits by a window, or your side, watching the world go by.  She is truly a special soul who will make an awesome friend for the lucky person whom she chooses.  Please come and meet this delightful lady cat.  It could be the start of a beautiful friendship.