Please contact caregiver below if you are interested inn Oreo. Posted Jan 7, 2023.

Oreo is a sweet, slightly shy, 8 year old, tricolored, spayed, American Foxhound. She is house trained and good with cats, dogs, chickens, goats, horses, donkeys, children, and older humans.
I have owned her most of her life. She born in a hunt kennel and rejected at the age of 18 months for feed room aggression. The kennels feed 50 hounds at one time and don’t need one who wants to fight about her food. I took her because I had “walked” her as a puppy (meaning she and one of her siblings lived with us for a few months as puppies). We’ve had as many as 5 dogs here at a time and Oreo always got along with all of them. We feed all of our dogs individually and have never had a problem.
Now we have only one other dog, a rescue with severe behavior issues and poor Oreo is taking a beating. He has hurt her quite badly more than once. Currently we keep them separated 100% of the time, which creates a lot of stress for everybody. We can’t rehome the behavior issue, his anxiety is off the charts, his behaviorist recommended Oreo go as she would handle the change better. I have known her her entire life and am heartbroken to let her go but am convinced it is the only safe option for Oreo. That is why we seek a safe, loving home for her.
Some things about Oreo: She is timid when she meets new people but she’s way better than she used to be and warms up fairly quickly now. She’s extremely polite and laid back, she loves to sniff about or lie in the sun or the shade. Sleeping on the couch is a favorite activity.
She loves attention but is not demanding about it.
She lives inside an invisible fence (on a big farm) and is 100% secure there.
She’s never in her life been an only dog with one person and I think she would be in absolute heaven if that were to happen.
If you have a fenced yard (required) and an old couch she doesn’t need a lot more than that. You would be helping her out of a very stressful situation and I know she would reward you with lots of tail wags and snuggles.
She is up to date on all vaccines, heart worm, flea and tick.
Please call, text, or email with any questions. Bonnie 434-960-6805, bluedevil81@mac.com