Fall & Winter Wish List!

All predictions point to a cold and snowy winter this year. Please help keep our animals warm by donating items from our Fall and Winter Wish List.   We especially need electric radiator heaters, extension cords, electric heat pads and mats.  Our animals thank you!



INFRARED HEAT LAMPS:  250 watt (available at Lowes and Southern States)

EXTENSION CORDS:  25′ and 50′ heavy duty (for outdoor use)

ELECTRIC HEAT PADS:  Medium  and large sizes, made for outside use for dogs (we need  approximately 6 medium and 3 large)

ICE MELT:  Preferably the kind safe for dogs’ feet

SNOW SHOVELS:   (We need 2 or 3)

COMMERCIAL MATS:  3’ x 5’, with rubber backing for entry ways.  (We need 6 or 8)  Ex:  Sam’s Club sells these for $20

YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS:  Lavender, Thieves, Stress Away scents   preferred.  For use in diffusers to ease our dogs’ anxiety in indoor kennels.

CANNED AND DRY FOOD:   Extra food is used during the winter (see our complete Wish List on our website for details)

 DOG SWEATERS AND COATS:  Primarily medium and large sizes


Questions?  Call (434) 842-2404 OR Email CFCHome@aol.com