Our Spotlight Shines on Rayn & Doug Rock!

Rock volunteer spotlight 3 Dogwalk.jpg800x600Rayn and Doug Rock have been tireless volunteers at Caring for Creatures since 2002! Anyone who has ever attended a CFC event can appreciate the hard work that Rayn and Doug contribute to each and every event that they plan and manage, everything from putting up tents to working with all of the volunteers, from creating props to cleaning up when the event is over.  It’s impossible to list all of the work that goes into an event, but Rayn and Doug have stepped up to take charge of numerous events, especially the wonderful CFC Dog Walk that they helped manage for many years.

In addition to helping with major events for Caring for Creatures, the Rocks have filled just about every other volunteer role.  They’ve walked dogs, given tours, fed animals, adopted from CFC, and assisted with rescues.  The very first project they worked on was building and repairing porch roofs on several of the dogs’ houses.

Their many volunteer experiences include the Columbia rescue in 2005, where CFC assisted with the care of more than 100 animals left in extreme stress when the owner died suddenly.  It presented an incredible challenge, but Rayn and Doug were an important part of its success.

The Rocks chose to volunteer at Caring for Creatures because of how they were treated as customers.  They were looking for a no-kill shelter for a “not very nice” dog who had appeared on their property and wouldn’t leave, and most places were not interested nor equipped to help them.  CFC wasn’t well equipped either, but asked lots of question.  When Rayn and Doug said that the dog would have a home for life if he were well behaved, the support was strong and lasting and included what was for them a very important introduction to animal communication.

Rayn and Doug have a very special relationship with Caring for Creatures.  They have experienced the essence of CFC and everyone at CFC (humans and animals) can see them living CFC’s motto when you watch them in action.  That motto is “Each animal in trouble matters.  Every one counts.  Caring for Creatures is helping, one animal, one person at a time”.

Rayn’s favorite volunteer activity is providing tours to first time visitors. In her words, “To share the sights, sounds and feelings of the CFC motto brought to life with visitors is a joy”. Doug’s favorite volunteer activity is walking and spending time with Stephie. She is full of energy and appreciates so much the walks, hugs, and kisses she receives from Doug and other volunteers!  Stephie is their favorite CFC animal because she is such a love bug.

Doug was born and raised in Virginia, from Chesterfield to Richmond to Goochland.  Rayn was born in New York.  As part of a military family, she moved every two years to multiple states in the U.S. and she lived in England.  She made her way to Virginia for the 7th grade and hasn’t left.  They live with two horses (Pocket Change Charlie who is boarded with them and Zipper Jeanne, who fulfills Rayn’s childhood dream of having a horse of her own), one cat (Baby Jesus), and three dogs (Steve, Buster, and Chester).

Come visit Caring for Creatures!  If you’re lucky, maybe Doug will be there and will introduce you to Stephie and/or Rayn will be there and will give you a tour!