PEGGY- Vet Pet Pick!




  • SHEPARD/BOXER MIX- Sleek tan jacket, short perky ears, greying around the muzzle, huge smile!
  • ADULT FEMALE- Est DOB:  March 2009
  • ARRIVED:   March 19, 2015
  • HISTORY:  Peggy was pulled from a high kill shelter when her time was “up.”

When we first met Peggy at the high kill shelter where animal control had dumped her, she had THE saddest look on her face. This middle aged lady was confused and wondered what she had done wrong to wind up in danger and in need of a new pet job. Today, Peggy is safe and we love her to pieces. Talk about a Pretty Woman now! She has added some much needed pounds (perhaps a few too many) and she is smiling. She wiggles with great excitement as folks select her for walks and she rolls on her back with great delight (something she could NOT do in her cement kennel at the shelter). The pond on our property is a source of wondrous joy for her as she wades out into it and then slowly sinks down looking like an alligator with only the top of her head and back visible!  New life has been breathed into this friendly, bubbly lady!

A Word from Peggy

“Hi There! Do you want to take me for a walk? I won’t bark at you like everyone else…I am a very polite pup. I see people walk up and down this road all day, and I have a smile for each of them! When I went for a sleepover, I often got comfy on their couch. They would love to adopt me, but are away too much for travel to be a good permanent home. They sure were kind to me though!”

What Peggy Needs in Her Home

Peggy can be a bit picky about dogs, and cats might be too enticing for her to ignore!  A family with older kids or a couple simply needing to fill a pet void, would be a perfect match for her. She has plenty of practice at being an indoor dog, and will happily sleep at your feet while you are watching television (Maybe she might like to sleep beside you!) Peggy has never met a stranger so come on by soon, find your new friend and tell her, “You’re coming home with me!” 

Update ~ Girl’s Day out on the town March 2017 with Humans Krista and Megan: “It was so much fun! I was a little excited in the car when we first got going and I made piggy sounds but after a few moments I settled down and laid down relaxed. Then after a little drive I hopped out of the car at Pleasant Grove where I went hiking!! Great way to work off my extra winter pounds, the new smells were amazing and I even got to smell some big horse poop! Krista did not let me roll in it though but that’s okay. I then got to go swimming in the river and laid down in the water and cooled off from my hike. There were some kids splashing and playing in the water but they didn’t bother my relaxing swim any. 🙂

Then once we left the park it was back in the car for me. I was sad at first because I thought the adventure was over but then we pulled into “Happy Tails” and Krista and Megan let me pick out two of my very own toys! I picked out a stuffed blue bone because it squeaked and was fun but my real favorite was a big brown bunny that “quacks” I was even allowed to carry it out of the store with me! 😀

I played with my bunny for the entire car ride to “Cuppa Joes” where I thought only Krista and Megan were getting some treats but they were super nice and got me my very own “Pup-cup” some vanilla ice cream and some dog treats was a perfect way to end my day out.

When we got back to the sanctuary I showed all my friends, humans and dogs alike my new bunny and I could hear Krista and Megan bragging about what a good girl I was the whole time! I really enjoyed my day trip and know all my other doggy friends at CFC would love their own trip too!” -Ms. Peggy.

Update July 2017: Miss Peggy enjoyed an outing on Saturday with new CFC volunteer, Cin. Peggy is a sweet, mid size, middle aged lady who is so deserving of a family of her own. Smart and determined too! She knows when CFC volunteer, Diane, is visiting (she always gives Peggy car rides) and instead of going in her inside kennel, she’ll insist on sitting by Diane’s car until she gets her ride – and of course it never fails!

Foster Update January 2018: Miss Peggy is acing her Extreme Sleepover! Sue, a CFC volunteer, jumped at the chance to take Peggy into her home during the cold weather. Sue says, “She’s doing wonderfully, and we are totally amazed at how well Peggy has adjusted! The only time she barked was when she saw her reflection in our living room windows. Peppy appears to be house trained, with only 1 small accident in 6 days and has done very well walking around the neighborhood, more curious about other dogs than anything else. She’s very, very loving – giving as many kisses as we will accept. Peggy is a very smart girl and would take to training very quickly. If this were the right time in our lives for a dog, this would surely be a lifelong sleepover instead of just an extreme sleepover as my husband and I have both fallen in love with this sweet girl.”

Volunteer Update April 2018:  Peggy knows the sound of Volunteer Cin’s car when it comes down our driveway.  She will start running in circles in her pen and bark as if saying,” I’m ready for a car ride. Take me!  Take me!”  If you are in the hunt for a traveling car buddy, Peggy is YOUR GIRL!  Cin takes Peggy for “road trips” on a regular basis and they often wind up walking by one of our local rivers. They have SUCH fun!