Playful boy looking for a family!

MAVERICK has all the Perfect Pet boxes marked off.  Friendly, loving and engaging.  Check.  Good with other dogs.  Check.   Good with slightly older kids. Check.   Not too needy or clingy and can self-entertain.  Check.   During a recent photo time, Maverick was a super star, once again.  For his initial leash meetings with other dogs, Maverick is such a silly goofball that at times he would simply drop down, roll around on the grass and wiggle his legs in the air while the other doggy wondered what happened to their nicely paced walk. He did a great job off leash mixing and mingling with both male and female dogs and always took the time to check in with his new human friends.  An affectionate and very loving guy, Maverick enjoys leaning into you while you scratch his belly and back area.  Be on the lookout for some sneaky, darting kisses while in this position as well.   Maverick thrives if he’s in the thick of things and would love to be part of the daily family routine/activity.  The more you can book his days to be a part of your life, the more you will wonder what you ever did without him!  Check out Maverick today.  What a catch he is!

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