• SHEPARD MIX; Black and tan- sleek coat.  About 36lbs
  • MALE ADULT; Est. DOB: 2017
  • ARRIVED: 5/13/20
  • HISTORY: Stray, found sitting at side of road.

If River had only one wish in life, it would be to have a loving and responsible forever home with humans he can depend on. River was most likely abandoned alongside a rural road sometime in March 2020. A caring individual first noticed him as she headed to the nearby town to do some errands. He was sitting on the side of the road watching cars go by him. When this same individual was on her way home an hour or so later, there he was in the exact same spot – waiting. She pulled over and he immediately came to her. He was thin and frightened. Once home, River’s rescuer provided food and a safe place to sleep. CFC was contacted when the individual felt she could not keep River as she already had two dogs and unable to afford a third. But she raved about this little guy and felt he would be a great companion for someone. Oh, and one other thing, River had tested positive for heartworms! Thankfully, CFC was able to secure sponsorship from the organization, RADAR (Raising Awareness for Dogs At Risk) who provided the funds to cover the cost of treatment.

River loves humans and when he comes to you his eyes seem to plead for your love and attention.  He is an active guy and at first, appears to be very puppy-like.  His perfect life would include several daily walks and playtime – maybe even a hike through the woods now and again.  He would never want for good food and medical care.  But, the most important part of his day would be the love and companionship of his human family.  River is inquisitive and ready to learn new things.  He sits like a champ and is just waiting to expand his horizons.  Perhaps you have been seeking the go-to dog of your dreams?  Well, look no further than River.  His compact size makes him a perfect travel companion yet durable enough for a long hike.  Give us a call and complete our Adoption Application on our website.  You won’t be sorry!

Medical Notes – River completed the first part of his heartworm treatment. His second treatment was mid August. He will need a month of quiet time after that treatment where he is limited to brief leash walks only. CFC is open to considering a medical foster arrangement with an approved application in which River would have the appropriate environment for his quiet time.

July Foster Time!  River was lucky enough to be selected for an Extreme Sleepover with one of our volunteers.   Below are some very detailed observations from his stay showing just some of his pet skills:

  • He is very active and has a need to know where “his people” are all the time.  He seems to have a real attachment to females and just loves attention.  He was fine when one left home though, to real concerns.
  • He seems to be pretty well house trained and we had no issues as long as we paid attention and took him outside about every hour.  He was just getting settled in and did lift his leg on a desk.
  • He is afraid during thunder storms, but settled down very well in his crate.  He had a favorite oval bed that we placed in the crate and he seemed very secure and slept well in the crate at night too.
  • He loved to play, but we tried to keep him calm due to the heartworm treatment.  Sometimes he acted like a puppy—and I had thoughts that he may be younger than we thought.
  • He ate well, but liked to eat the canned food and go back for the dry.  He did not drink as much water as I would have expected.
  • He was a little nervous about a bath, but accepted the strange situation very well.  After a preliminary drying, he was out of the tub in a flash.  He did seem to have some ear flopping going on a little “biting at himself” like a skin irritation.  The ears were kept dry during the bath and he loved to have them rubbed.
  • He is a fast learner—when he pulled on the leash, I would use the command “easy” and he would stop pulling most of the time.