Roman 20



  • DSH Black Tuxedo
  • ADULT MALE;  DOB: 9/19/2014
  • ARRIVAL: 9/24/2016
  • HISTORY:  Roman was born at CFC to “Driveway Cat,” July. He was adopted as a kitten but unfortunately returned September of 2016.

I was born at CFC and was adopted before circumstance brought me back to this my first home. I have been a bit of an enigma to the folks here as I can be quite independent but at other times I can be affectionate, once I slow down from play and enjoying every moment to its fullest. I’m energetic, gentle natured, sweet, and sometimes just full of myself. I can’t lay claim to being a lap cat at present but the theory around here is that I have the potential to become one once I settle into a home of my very own. I revel in a good back scratch and while I may not always seek out attention I confess to enjoying it if it comes my way. I get along well with the other cats in my room, even if I may get a little too rambunctious in play for some of them. Folks compliment me all the time on my “cat in a penguin suit” good looks and bodacious white whiskers. By the way, that penguin crack aside, I do not waddle as I am an athletic guy. I think that I would flourish in an active home with another playful feline and people to spend time in one on one play with me. To have my own home again is my dream and you could make that come true.