• Tri-Colored Hound
  • ADULT MALE; EST DOB: November 2018
  • ARRIVAL: November 21, 2020
  • HISTORY: Smitty was surrendered to HOWS and then transferred to us.

One thing everyone says about Smitty is that he will make someone a great pet!  And, by golly, he’s cute! Before Smitty arrived at CFC, he had spent the start of his young life alone outside, first on a chain and later in a pen. Thankfully, that lonely beginning did not diminish Smitty’s friendliness, trust in humans, or zest for life. Affectionate, playful, and cute as a button, Smitty loves every person he meets. He also has a lot of energy, so it’s no surprise that when he first arrived he had no idea how to manage his enthusiasm and excitement when people visited him. The staff stepped in  and took Smitty on daily training walks to help him learn how to behave in order to get the attention he craves. Fast forward a few weeks, and these days when a dog walker visits, Smitty sits on his platform and patiently waits to have his harness put on. On walks, he’s ready to go-go-go, but he checks in regularly with his person. He will stop, look, and come (on leash, of course) when he hears his name. He loves to play with toys, and will make someone a very happy person!

A Word from Smitty

“Oh boy, oh boy, you are going to take me for a walk? Oh boy oh boy!  Here, I will jump up on my table to make putting my leash on easier! Let’s go! I NEED this walk! Oh, you want me? Sure! But great things are out there waiting to be sniffed! Oh wait, you want to pet me and cuddle? Okay, but just for a minute. Ohhh, that feels good. Okay, let’s get back to the walk. The arena? Sure, I would love to play there! I might get a little too excited, so just let me know. I love to shake these things with lots of arms!  Ready to go back to the pen? Okay. Can you just stay for a minute or two and cuddle me? I still am getting used to someone loving up on me!”

What Smitty Needs in His Home

Smitty’s ideal home will include regular walks/hikes (or runs), a fenced yard, stuffed toys, and LOTS of attention!  Continued positive training with a trainer would bolster his knowledge of what family life is all about, especially walking on the leash. A family with older children who could play with him would be great too. He is not at his polite best with another dog, trying to crawl all over them until they likely would get upset. He will likely not be a good match for a cat, as his prey drive is still strong. Is your house the best place for him?  We hope so!