Soft hearted and polite, I’m a winner!

Rizzi is a brave girl who has endured and has now finally overcome!   When we trapped this sweet, petite girl little did we know that she had a severely damaged jawbone.   We were fortunate enough to get a quick surgical appointment to help her get back on her feet and begin the healing process.   The vet determined she suffered from a blunt force injury to her jaw vs birth defect. We can only imagine which horror she might have endured.   Today, Rizzi is 100% healed and working very hard at settling in and beginning the exciting process of finding her new person.   She is a gentle natured, demure little lady who is non-challenging to her feline roommates.   Rizzi will nicely sit in her perch as you approach to say “hi” and in no time, she will reward you with a subtle purr!  As you gently stroke her stunning tri-colored coat, just watch her lean into your hand as she encourages you to continue this special attention.    Staff and volunteers alike adore this soft hearted, polite lady and admire her desire to only move forward and work on finding a new, loving home.