• ADULT FEMALE, brown tabby with golden eyes
  • Est DOB:  2012
  • Arrived:  June 28, 2014
  • HISTORY:  Sophie was part of a feral cat colony in No VA.    After birthing a litter of kittens that were all rehomed,  we found a safe spot for her here.

I am an exotically striped brown tabby- Beautifulus tabbius to those of you in the scientific community. When first I arrived here I sat in my condo glowering at anyone who dared approach, but folks just wouldn’t take no for an answer and they didn’t give up on me. Gradually the hard looks gave way to curiosity as I was spoken to kindly and offered treats, which I dearly love. Now that I am out and about full time I remain shy and apprehensive but the true cat person can see in my eyes a gentleness and desire to be loved. I much enjoy toys and treats and as you can see in my photos I have learned to relax and enjoy the comforts of living in polite society. In my relationships with people I’m a work in progress but hey life’s a marathon, not a sprint. I know that I’m loved and valued here and that’s an awfully good place to begin my journey.

Fall 2022 Update: While dark, tabby lady Sophie may not desire ANY human friends, it’s always heartwarming to see her surrounded by other kitties when we enter her room.  With so many kitties by her side and providing her with companionship,  who needs us humans after all?  LOL.   Sophie enjoys hanging out on top of kitty condos behind other cats.  This way,  when the ill informed human reaches to pet the heap of cats in this area,  they are more likely to NOT touch her which is her preference.  With the more pleasant temps outside,  you just might catch her on the catio area so be on the lookout!  With no emerging health issues,  Sophie looks forward to enjoying the fall display of colors and cooler temps.