• CALICO- Cream coat with dark brown/black and touches of muted orange accents.  Light green eyes.
  • ADULT FEMALE; Est DOB: 2018
  • ARRIVAL: July 5, 2020
  • HISTORY:  Tatum was trapped in a local colony of cats.

Update March: In the several months since her arrival, Tatum has made many friends both human and feline! She typically hangs out with fellow L2 residents Kit and Bandit and enjoys visits from staff and volunteers. Tatum is still a bit more of a low-energy cat and prefers to spend most of her time napping. If you want to pet her while she relaxes, even better! She will purr the whole time. Tatum doesn’t really like to be picked up but other than that she enjoys human interaction and contact. She hasn’t shown much interest in toys so far, but given her age, we anticipate this to change as she gets even more comfortable in her environment. Tatum is a sweet, laid-back cat who will likely take some time to come out of her shell once introduced to her forever home. We promise you that she’s worth the wait!

Tatum is a real heartbreaker but we know without doubt, things can only get better for this petite, beautiful lady.   Arriving very sluggish and just not feeling well at all, it turns out she had a horrible infection so we feel really fortunate that we caught her when we did.   She is now well onto the path of perfect health but still feels overwhelmed in her environment.  Sweet but very, very shy,  we asked Pink Teddy to stop on by to help bring some comfort to her.   We hope soon to update her bio as she slowly settles into her new life where she won’t have to scramble for food and shelter and can simply laze around, chill with other cats if she desires and find comfort and happiness in her new environment.  You can do this sweet Tatum!