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  • Lab/Rottweiler mix; black and brindle
  • ADULT MALE; EST DOB: November 2018
  • ARRIVAL: October 10, 2020
  • HISTORY: Teddy was transferred from DCHS in South Carolina.   Teddy was an owner surrender to a high kill shelter.  The reason for surrender, “He’s too shy.”   Teddy really struggled at the county shelter and was an easy target to be put down so we spoke up for him before it was too late.  We’re really glad we did!!

When Teddy first got here, he was quite shy and wouldn’t let you get close to him. Beneath his blustery exterior, though, is a really sweet dog. Once you get through his bravado, though, he is a love!  Our volunteers can’t praise him enough! He is solidly passive around other dogs, and just wants to play! Once he gets over his apprehension enough to let someone put a leash on him, Teddy is a completely different dog. He’s friendlier and grows in confidence. It will take time and patience to fully earn Teddy’s trust, but we encourage you to come sit with this gentle, loving soul and help him feel more at ease.

A Word from Teddy

’”I have a tail that wags!  Won’t you come and check it out please?  Folks have been saying I am “shy,” in fact that was the reason my person turned me into the local shelter.  I would beg to differ (a bit!) ….just ask the nice volunteers who got me out for a nice, easy-going walk along with 2 other well-balanced dogs.   My tail wagged AND I smiled!  I did look both ways out of caution when I exited the busy shelter kennel area but the further I got from all the noise and chaos, the more relaxed I became.  Like many self-respecting dogs, I really don’t want you to immediately drape yourself on me or get right in my face.  Please, won’t you give me a wee bit of time for me to first check out YOU? I am a pretty polite, mild mannered fellow who is sweet and gentle natured. I learn quickly, as I have learned to sit from a volunteer who just loves me! I am all ears!  Ask for me, Teddy, today won’t you?”

What Teddy Needs in His Home 

First up, Teddy will need someone with patience to come visit him a few times so he can get used to this new person. A fenced in yard where he can run and explore and sniff and relax would be a great way for Teddy to get some fresh air and exercise.  You should see him as he trots around with confidence in one of the fenced areas at the sanctuary! Loud noise and lots of energy around Teddy is not a great choice for him, so a home with a more laid back couple (or person) perhaps with a well-balanced dog to hang out with, would help Teddy be at his best and love on YOU the best.  He would also do well with children that are a little older. He hasn’t been tested with cats yet, but is likely a yes, just because he is a retiring type. Please, the best things in life take time, and Teddy is no different!  Come and see for yourself!