• DSH; gray tabby
  • ARRIVAL: September 25, 2020
  • HISTORY: Theo was found as a stray in Bremo Bluff, VA.
  • MEDICAL NOTE: Theo tested positive for FIV.

As with most cats that pass through CFC, Theo came in pretty skittish and unsure of his surroundings. After only a few weeks, however, he wowed all of us with his rapid transformation into one of the snuggliest, most charming cats we have at the shelter. As soon as someone enters the room, Theo greets them by rubbing his head up against their legs. If you sit down, he’ll amble his way over and jump in your lap (unless Asher beats him to it). Theo’s ideal day is spent relaxing and being pet. He also enjoys spending time outside on the enclosed porch. Theo is always down to hang out. Come spend some time with him today!

Update November 2021:  Theo has found a dear, dear friend in his room, Dixon.  Check out this update on Dixon his new very best friend: Dixon has settled in so well that he now has a special friend that he totally adores! His name is Theo and it’s uncommon to see one without the other. Typically, they are at least hanging out with each other (at a minimum) but oftentimes there is some deep grooming going on! Lots of necking and licking and overall touchy feely of one towards the other. We could endlessly watch them if only we had the time. While we would love to see Dixon and Theo rehome together, certainly we are open to allowing them to go their own ways. If you wish to see active/ongoing loving and caring for another being however, this is the pair to bring on home!

Update Spring 2022: Theo participated in our 2022 March Meow Madness competition in the hopes of securing a pile of treats and toys. He lost to Peanut in the first round, but we’re proud of him for putting himself out there anyway. Theo is normally a pretty quiet cat, but he’ll meow when he feels like he isn’t getting enough attention. We give him lots of one-on-one time at CFC, but you’re welcome to pay him a visit and spoil him even further!