15 Ways To Keep Your Kitty Content

  1. Banish boredom – rotate toys every few weeks to keep your cat’s interest.
  2. Let sleeping cats sleep – yes, they’re huggable when they’re asleep but they do need 16 hours of sleep a day.
  3. Give them privacy – put the litter box in a quiet area of your home.
  4. Scratch declawing – it only solves the symptom; buy a scratching post.
  5. Serenade your sweetie – cats know whey they’re being sung to and often meow.
  6. Whisper words of love – you’re cat can’t decipher the words but love the sound of soft whispers and hate harsh noises.
  7. Take a cheap nip – buy fresh catnip and stuff it into an old sock.
  8. Clean the potty often – cats hate dirty litter boxes.
  9. Turn on the television – check out videos for cats or just put on a nature channel.
  10. Phone home – if you’re gone a day or longer call your answering machine and talk to your cat. They love hearing their owner’s voice.
  11. Go interactive – get toys that involve both you and your pet.
  12. Curl up with kitty – catnaps for two are twice as nice.
  13. Walk on the wild side – show kitty the world safely by walking her in a cat harness.
  14. Show her she’ll always be your baby – lavish your pet with attention.
  15. Spay or neuter your pet – not just for birth control but altered cats tend to be happier and healthier.