Volunteer Spotlight Shines on Connie Seyller

Connie with Grover (800x600)Connie Seyller has been a terrific volunteer at Caring for Creatures since 2006.  She is one of those special volunteers at CFC who is happy to do whatever is needed, including walking dogs, bathing dogs, doing dishes, and helping with fundraising events.  She also “sanctuary sits”, which entails staying at the Sanctuary when Mary Birkholz is away, caring for Mary’s animals and being one of the overnight guardians of the CFC animals.  She has even provided some lovely embroidered towels that are sold at the fundraising events.  In addition, Connie and her husband adopted Grover from the Sanctuary in 2007.  Connie said it was love at first sight.

In 2006, Connie was looking for a volunteer opportunity that could combine her love of animals with her love of walking/hiking.  Sue Scott, her friend and neighbor, told Connie about Caring for Creatures and invited her to come out with her.  Connie was hooked from the beginning.  In her words, “I enjoy every moment I spend with the animals.  Also, I have met so many great people while volunteering there, other volunteers as well as staff. I really think I get as much enjoyment out of it as the animals do.”

Connie was born in Washington, D.C. and has lived in Virginia since her marriage, more than 41 years ago.  She and her husband Phil moved to Lake Monticello after they both retired from working with the Defense Department.  They share their home with their four legged son Grover, who keeps the home fires burning while Connie is walking, shopping, and spending time at CFC, and Phil is golfing.  Connie calls herself a “golf widow”, but doesn’t mind because she has Caring for Creatures and her four legged friends to keep her busy. Connie and Phil also love to travel and have travelled far and wide, including Tanzania, China, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Peru, and Ecuador.

When asked about her favorite dog and/or cat at the Sanctuary, Connie says that she has a soft spot for Maria because she was Grover’s pen mate when he was at CFC.  She is also very fond of Scotch and Cosmo, those furry dogs in black.  She adds that all of these canines would be loving and loyal companions!

Come visit Caring for Creatures and you can meet Maria, Scotch, and Cosmo!  You might even see Connie walking or washing dogs, doing dishes, or helping in any way needed.  Before you come out, you can always check out the creatures at www.caringforcreatures.org