Volunteer Spotlight Shines on Marie Sokolovic

Marie S with Aaron3_july2015 (3).jpg resizedMarie Sokolovic has been a very special volunteer at Caring For Creatures for almost 15 years!  She is a wonderful role model for all of us. She is still walking dogs regularly at age 88.  She loves coming to this wonderful no kill sanctuary and walking a few dogs.  They love her and we love seeing her.

Before moving to Lake Monticello, Marie lived for 23 years in Babylon, Long Island, New York.  In addition to her volunteer activities at Caring For Creatures, Marie enjoys playing mahjong, and she is active in her church.

When asked about a favorite CFC animal, Marie mentions Aaron and Kia as current favorites because, in her words, “they are old and not pullers, just like me”.   Aaron is a hound mix and Kia, a black and white Labrador/hound mix, was recently adopted.

So, come on out to Caring For Creatures and meet Aaron.  Hopefully, you can meet wonderful Marie also!

You can also check out the dogs and cats at www.caringforcreatures.org.