Volunteer Spotlight Shines on Susan Blakeney

Susan and Scotch at Hump Back Park

Susan and Scotch at Hump Back Park

Susan Blakeney has been a tireless volunteer at Caring for Creatures since 2007.   You’ll see her at CFC running/walking dogs at a rate that is hard to keep up with, and behind the camera taking photos of dogs.  She is involved with the (new and exciting) Sanctuary web page, providing many of the photos that are included with the pet bios available to potential adopters, as well as other behind the scenes work.

Susan has played an invaluable role at CFC by fostering pets for Caring for Creatures.  These have included a mom with newborn kittens, kittens who need to be bottle fed, kittens who are extremely shy and almost feral, and special needs dogs.  Fostering makes such a difference in getting these pets adoption ready!

Susan has a very active role with numerous very special animals, working with Caring for Creatures and rescue organizations in New England to save these dogs and cats from euthanasia at high kill shelters.

Lucky for Caring for Creatures, Susan and her husband David relocated to this area in 2007 from South Carolina.  She stumbled upon CFC and our very persuasive Sue Scott trained Susan to be a dog walker and (in Susan’s words), “did a great job luring me in for the long haul.  Thank you Sue!”

For Susan, the best part about volunteering at CFC is the pets.  In her own words, “We are all in it for the pets, and each and every one in their own special way, is SO grateful and loving and appreciative.  It is frankly an honor to be around all of these wonderful, kind hearted souls.  I am humbled by them.”

Susan has two favorite dogs, but they both think they are the one, so please don’t tell them that there is another one.  Susan has been fostering Scotch, age 7, since January.  Scotch was a very energetic fellow, but almost immediately upon coming into Susan’s home, he became a well behaved, gracious pet.  He is ready to be adopted and will bring someone great joy!  Paulie is Susan’s other favorite.  He can be bossy and ill-behaved but Susan and other CFC staff and volunteers are working very hard to change Paulie.  He also would make a great companion for someone who could guide and understand him.

Susan spends her limited free time running with Scotch on trails in state parks and, during the winter, snowboarding.  In addition to David (human) and Scotch (foster dog), Susan also lives with three cats, Mikey (CFC alum, adopted in April) and Isabelle (adopted from CFC), and Ruthie (adopted from the shelter in South Carolina).

Come out to CFC and meet Susan and Scotch and Paulie, or you can check them out at www.caringforcreatures.org.