Walk your dog & earn $$$ for CFC!

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Support Caring for Creatures simply by walking your dog!  It won’t cost you a cent.  That’s right!  Just download the FREE Wooftraxapp on your smartphone and every time you walk a dog, Caring for Creatures earns money.

Go to www.Wooftrax.com, click on ‘Get App’ at the top of the page and download their FREE app on your Android or iPhone.  Choose Caring for Creatures in your set-up, and get walking.  You support us every time you walk your dog.  Take the phone with you whenever you walk your dog. Simply press the START WALKING FOR… button and the app will track how far you walk and add it all up for Caring for Creatures.  The more people walking for us, the more we earn, so please spread the word.

“What if I don’t have a dog? Can I still use the app?” Absolutely! You can walk for dogs at a shelter or rescue by choosing the “Walk for Cassie” option when you install the app for the first time. Or create your dream dog as a walking companion by going to the set-up tab and adding a dog.

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