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If your family dynamics changed (marriage, divorce, new baby), would you keep your cat?

If an allergy developed, are you willing to take steps to keep your cat?

How many pets have you owned in the past five years?

Please list each pets’ breed, sex,and age. If you no longer have the animal, what became of it?

Are your existing animal companions spayed/neutered?

Where were they kept?

Have your existing cats been tested for feline Leukemia and FIV?

Name/Location/Phone number of your veterinary hospital:

Cats can live for 15+ years. Are you committed to providing a lifelong home for your cat, including but not limited to a healthy diet, quality medical care and loving companionship?

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If your cat becomes lost, in addition to contacting Caring For Creatures, what steps would you take to find him/her?

Your adopted cat may take two months to adjust to his/her new home. Are you willing and prepared to allow this much time for the adjustment?

Our Adoption Agreement provides that you: (1) will spay or neuter your cat by date specified in the contract (if not already done), (2) will not declaw your cat, and (3) will return your cat to CFC if, at any time, you are unable to keep him/her. Are you willing to agree to these conditions?

Have you ever been convicted of animal abuse or neglect?

If yes, when?

What were the circumstances surrounding the accusation/conviction?