Caring For Creatures is a not-for-profit sanctuary established in 1988 and dedicated to caring for homeless animals and enhancing the bond between humans and animals. Located in Fluvanna County, Virginia, on 157 acres of gently rolling fields and woodlands, the private and scenic environment is truly conducive for healing. During its first year in existence, the sanctuary accepted 60 felines and 13 dogs; it is now home to over 200 animals. CFC’s goal is to place our animals into loving and responsible forever homes.

If an animal is not selected for adoption, CFC provides companionship and quality care for as long as needed. The Caring For Creatures facility was the first no-kill sanctuary to be established in central Virginia.

The Animals

Each animal who comes to Caring For Creatures is treated as an individual. The diet, medical care, and training or re-training are tailored for their specific needs. The animals reside in spacious living areas which are cleaned daily. Staff and volunteers provide social interaction and behavior modification.

CFC is one of only a few facilities on the East Coast that offer ongoing care for cats testing positive for FIV or feline Leukemia. We receive calls for help from all over Virginia and surrounding states from individuals and veterinarians seeking assistance for FIV of FeLV positive cats.

Community Outreach

In addition to caring for homeless animals, Caring For Creatures has a strong Community Outreach Program. This Program is fundamental to carrying out our overall mission. Behind every unwanted litter and behind every neglected, abused or abandoned animal, there is a human who has made a misguided or uneducated choice.

Many animals come into animal care facilities because their owners are unable to deal with behavioral problems that could have been solved with some training or behavior modifications. Other animals are surrendered because their owners are struggling to make ends meet and do not know where to find assistance. CFC’s Community Outreach Program offers one-on-one guidance, suggestions and referrals in an effort to help individuals resolve their animal-related concerns/issues.

On average, Caring For Creatures responds to over 3,700 calls and 2,000 emails every year— the vast majority of these communications relate directly to an animal in need of help. CFC’s focus is helping animals, but to do that, we must also help the humans behind the animals.