Meet Mary Birkholz, President/Founder, Caring For Creatures

A message from CFC founder, Mary K. Birkholz…

“On August 16, 1988 I moved to Palmyra, Virginia to begin the work of Caring For Creatures. I have always been an animal lover, but my heart holds a special place for those who have suffered neglect or abandonment as a result of careless and inappropriate choices by humans. Although my early career paths led me into the fields of commercial real estate and finance, I continued to feed my heart’s desire to be with animals by volunteering at humane societies and shelters wherever I lived.

It was through these experiences that my dream to create a special place for animals was born. “I have an overwhelming respect and love for the thousands of dogs and cats who I have been honored to know and who, through their resiliency, courage, innate wisdom and willingness to trust again, teach me the true meaning of living in the moment and loving without judgment. The work we do at Caring For Creatures is truly a labor of love.”