Adoption Philosophy

Caring For Creatures strives to match our animals with the most compatible home for that animal based on our knowledge of each dog or cat’s physical and emotional needs. While it is our goal to place as many of our animals as possible into loving and responsible homes, CFC offers a lifetime commitment to each animal that comes to the sanctuary, if needed. We seek responsible adopters who intend to include the adopted animal as a part of their family and provide the necessary medical care, exercise, training and love. We seek individuals who are committed to resolving any behavior and medical issues that may occur during the animal’s lifetime.

CFC will take the time to understand what you are looking for in an animal companion and will assist in suggesting all candidates at the sanctuary that may be a good match. If we do not have the right animal for you at CFC, we will be happy to help find the perfect dog or cat through our rescue partners or other sources.

If you are interested in adopting one of the CFC dogs or cats, the first step is to complete our Adoption Application. These forms can be found on our website under the ADOPT section. You can complete the form online and email it directly from this website. CFC will do a veterinary reference and if a potential adopter does not have a vet reference or lives outside of the central Virginia area, we may require a home visit prior to finalizing an adoption. If CFC receives more than one application for an animal, the applications are considered in the order they are received. If more than one adopter is a good match for the animal in question, the application received first will be selected.

There are no wrong animals. There are wrong match-ups!

As a not-for-profit charitable foundation, Caring For Creatures operates solely on donations. Without the help of many individuals we could not continue our work. Your tax-deductible donations do make a difference and we put every dollar to very good use. If you are able to assist us in our work, please call, email, or write the sanctuary.